Culture and Values


The PIC prides itself in the high-performance synergy of its over 372-strong team. We tackle our challenges as one, while respecting one another’s individuality. We celebrate our cultural and experiential diversity, which positively contributes to our ability to invest wisely on behalf of South Africa’s future.




We are committed to delivering on our clients’ mandates. Commitment means doing everything in our power and going the extra mile to create value for our stakeholders.


We are accountable to our stakeholders in everything we do as well as for every decision we make.


We treat each stakeholder with respect and listen to their different views. We listen to the views of our stakeholders, and never disregard their opinions, no matter how different they are from ours.


We have empathy towards all stakeholders. We have compassion for our stakeholders, and we understand their unique circumstances.



Any work we do, will be done with diligence. We put our minds and full attention to everything we do.


We value excellence above everything. Whatever we do, we go beyond the ordinary, we exceed our stakeholders’ expectations.


We aim to lead in corporate governance. Our investment decisions are rooted in good corporate governance, consideration for the environment as well as social issues. We aim to outperform our benchmarks and play a leading role in terms of developmental investments and operational excellence.


We encourage and appreciate innovation and creativity. We are consistently looking for new ways of improving what we do. We, therefore, put emphasis on research and development. We believe that everything we do is glued together by integrity; without integrity our relationship with our stakeholders can never stand.


We believe in value creation for our stakeholders. We enable our clients to realise their investment objectives and deliver beyond stakeholder expectations.


We do our work with precision and timeously. We are capable of doing more with little and within reasonable time. We do things right the first time.


We invest in a socially responsible manner. We anticipate and appreciate the possible consequences of our actions. We are a reliable partner for delivering the right result. Reliability means that our clients can rely on us to deliver on their investment mandates and exceed their financial objectives.